Gilton Solid Waste Management
Gilton Resource Recovery

Use this page for help disposing of items that should not go in your trash can.

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Information
Location Web Site Phone Number
Merced County 209-525-6700
San Joaquin County (209)-468-3066
Stanislaus County (209)-525-4123

Waste Tire Collection & Recycling
Resource Email Phone Number
Gilton Resource Recovery 209-527-3781

Recycling Information
Resource Web Site Phone Number
CalRecycle 1-800-RECYCLE
City of Escalon (209) 691-7400
City of Gustine (209) 854-6471
City of Hughson (209) 883-4054
City of Livingston (209) 394-8044
City of Modesto (209) 577-5200
City of Oakdale (209) 845-3600
City of Ripon (209) 599-2108
City of Riverbank (209)-869-7101
City of Waterford (209) 874-2328
Merced County (209) 385-7434
San Joaquin County (209) 468-3000
Stanislaus County (209) 525-6700

Environmental Education Information
Resource Web Site Phone Number
Merced County 209-723-3153
California Regional Environmental Education Community 209-525-6604

Special notice for our commercial and multi family service customers.

If you own and/or operate a business or have rental properties in California, a new law MAY impact you.

Assembly Bill 341 now requires businesses that produce four or more cubic yards of waste per week and multi family residences (with five or more dwellings) to recycle, reuse and/or divert some of their waste from disposal.

Special notice for our business customers.

Assembly Bill 1826 requires businesses that generate four cubic yards of all waste per week shall arrange for organic waste services. If you have questions, please call Gilton Solid Waste or your City or County Solid Waste Office.